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  Caecilia van der Drift • paramedical natural health therapist • working according to the 5 nature-based principles


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Books about health and personel development - succesboeken

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Asyra, a new dimension in health and treatment. Now available in Wel-Zijn - asyra-nederland, asyra.nl

Metabolic Balance®, a nutritional programme for weight management and well-being - www.metabolicbalance.nl

Nikken wellness home - nikkenwellbeing

Psychosynthese - www.psychosynthese.nl

Stichting Filosofie & Meditatie, studiegroups, meetings and retraites - www.cynham.nl, www.filosofieenmeditatie.nl

Taichi - every day in the Oosterpark, Amsterdam, 10-11 AM - www.taopai.nl

Venwoude training, for personal development - venwoude training


Bare feet shoes (for selfhealing your feet) - 5fingers, trekbarefoot.nl

Bare feet coach Ruth Langemeijer - FeeTback Amsterdam

Healthy seeing without (contact)glasses - eye-tools

Journey-therapist - www.journeytherapeut.nu

Non-violent communication, a language of the heart - in Amsterdam - www.ncgc.nl In Nederland - www.geweldlozecommunicatie.org

Sportschool - www.sportsworldamsterdam.nl


Business Bootcamp, for more succes in your business - businessbootcamp

Buro kunst en drukwerk - www.burokd.nl

Joos Mooi Drukwerk - joosmooidrukwerk.nl

Schilderlessen in atelier van ervaren beeldend kunstenaar, die je verleidt om met andere ogen opnieuw te kijken - www.helgakos.nl









Photography: Caecilia van der Drift