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  Caecilia van der Drift • paramedical natural health therapist • working according to the 5 nature-based principles


Water plays a vital role in the functioning of the body. The correct intake of water is a determining factor for wellness and illness. Over 65% of the human body is water, or rather,  living body water. For every 30 kilo's of body weight our body needs approximately one liter of water a day. For someone weighing 60 kilo's this means two liters a day.

The quality and origin of  the water we drink has a great impact on our health.
Our drinkingwater is said to be fine, but pollution due to medicine residues is on the increase (according to an article in the Gezondgids of March 2009). This is a serious problem for water treatment companies, but the costs involved in filtering out those residues do not equal the revenues, and the risks involved are still being underestimated.
Our body needs more than just pure, cristal-clear water.
Healthy water has a perfect acid/base balance and contains vital minerals and oxygen.

The Welzijn-practice has a waterfiltering system. You will immediately notice the difference between filtered water and other waters, like tapwater and bottled mineral waters.
You are welcome to come and try.

Photography:Caecilia van der Drift