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  Caecilia van der Drift • paramedical natural health therapist • working according to the 5 nature-based principles


With a scanning device - Asyra Pro (follow up of the MSAS, Meridian Stress Assessment System, also called BEST, Bio Energetic Stress Test) -thirty five meridians (energy channels) are tested and brought into balance.
These meridians are connected to organs and organ systems in the body. .
The computerized test will show the influence of drugs, electro-magnetic radiation, toxins, fungi, allergies, hormones, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and the like.
On the basis of the outcome, a homeopathic tonic is composed, which will activate the body's recovery.
An overall food and allergy test will tell which nutrients will support this process, or will undermine it.

Generally, after 3 to 6 treatments (over a period of 8 or 12 weeks), the energy channels will be back into balance, and the body's natural healing ability will fully function again.
The first treatment is the most elaborate one, lasting about 1,5 hours, followed by shorter ones, depending on the time it takes for the body to get completely back into balance.
In case of serious or chronic complaints (like Lyme desease), more treatments are needed.

For an optimal health condition, an annual BEST treatment is recommended.

Photography: Caecilia van der Drift