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Why should I have a BEST test?
A BEST test assesses your entire health situation, and will actively involve you in keeping up your physical health.

In what way does this treatment differ from conventional medicine?
Conventional medicine is most effective in case of acute ailments, to make diagnoses, and to prescribe medication to suppress symptoms.
A BEST treatment provides an overall picture, including results that go unnoticed in other tests.
It can support those who want to keep themselves in good shape, as well as those with chronic ailments that do not respond to other treatments.

Can a BEST treatment heal?
The main aim of this treatment is to evaluate and rebalance the body's energy channels. A body in good condition can cope with illnesses much more easily, and will therefore heal faster. The BEST method is not meant to diagnose, or to replace surgery. In such cases you should see your doctor.

What is the difference between a BEST allergy-test and a conventional one?
During a 30-minute BEST treatment some 120 items can be painlessly tested on allergy/intolerance. The result may include useful information for your doctor or a dietician to decide on an adequate treatment.

Photography: Caecilia van der Drift