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  Caecilia van der Drift • paramedical natural health therapist • working according to the 5 nature-based principles


The BEST (Bio-Energetic Stress Test) treatment is a blend of Eastern medicine and modern Western techniques. It is a simple and effective method to evaluate and support your health situation, and to make you aware of the effect of food in your body. It gives you tools to take control over your health. 

More and more people are becoming aware that they can actively influence the quality of their lives and their well-being. As each human being is unique, so is everyone's well-being. Wel-zijn can support you in taking care of your individual well-being.

According to this theory physical complaints are caused by energetic imbalance. The BEST treatment evaluates and rebalances the body's entire energy system, thus activating its natural healing ability. It includes an extensive food and allergy test, telling you which nutrients energize your body and which do the opposite.



Chronic and vague complaints, such as allergies, eczema, fatigue, migraine, fibromyalgia, candida, Lyme are on the increase ...
partly due to:           

  • foods treated with pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics;
  • too much coffee, alcohol, tobacco, and sugar;
  • increased consumption of ready-to-eat and fast food;
  • electro-smog from microwaves, mobile telephones, computer monitors, and high-voltage cables;
  • deterioration of the immune system by vaccinations, dental root-tip inflammation, amalgan fillings, etc.;
  • side-effects of medication.

During a BEST treament these symptons are detected and treated. The immune system will gain strength and activate the body's natural healing ability.


Photography: Caecilia van der Drift